I have battled with my weight and my love/hate relationship with food my whole adult life - and this will be my 4th "serious" attempt in the last 4 years.

This time last year I was 2lbs off my goal weight, stopped smoking (old excuse i know!) and put it all back on and then some!

This will be the 1st time I've admitted to anyone just how overweight I am, and what a public way to do it!!!!! EEEK

My hope is that it will give me the motivation and hard kick up the arse that I need to fight and win this battle!!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Week 4 - (forgot to post)

Well I've not been very good at updating my blog lol - must try harder!!

On week 4 weigh in I gained 1.5lbs, but was expected as it was "that time" so I was not disappointed, as I had been really good again all week and would have lost had it not been for that :)

I will have gained this week again I'm quite sure as I'm just back from a romantic All Inclusive weekend in Blackppol with my Hubby :)  Back on track today though so hopefully that will do some damage limitation!! lol

Let you know on Thursday :) x

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